FlexQube – Future-Proof Your Material Handling

Innovative Intralogistics Solutions

9 Years Industry Experience

20+ Talented Employees

Unmatched Service & Turnaround

Level 1 BEE Rating

9 years industry experience

20+ talented employees

Unmatched service and turnaround

Level 1 BEE rating

Introducing the most innovative way to future-proof your material handling – FlexQube. Take advantage of our exclusive rights and partnership with the leading global name in industrial material handling solutions.

This fully customisable and modular system:

  • Allows you to adjust carts and trolleys to your exact needs
  • Is highly flexible and reconfigurable
  • Saves you time and money
  • Is available in over 6,000 different cart designs
  • Supports productive, profitable material handling
  • Helps improve operational safety

About FlexQube

The FlexQube system allows you to dictate the cart design you need, not the other way around. This SMART modular system lets you adjust carts and trolleys according to your unique context and requirements, as and when you need.

FlexQube is made up of a flexible system of a few standardised components that can be configured to different shapes, taken apart, and re-assembled and adjusted. Thanks to its flexible, reconfigurable design, you save time and money where system redesigns would typically be needed over time.

Lazar: Your Exclusive FlexQube Partner

As a proud FlexQube partner and distributor, Lazar imports the FlexQube components and uses them to design and manufacture various intralogistics solutions for our customers in South Africa.

We make use of specific configurable FlexQube carts suited to your exact needs, helping you maximise your internal logistics and operations

Benefits of FlexQube

SMART Design

FlexQube allows you to design and develop highly customised intralogistic and SMART factory solutions.

Optimised Production

Discover innovative ways to optimise and recalibrate your production flow for better, faster, safer production.

Integrated Automation

FlexQube lets you fully integrate and automate your internal processes and information for seamless workflow.

Improved Operations

Improve the overall reliability and accuracy of your warehouse and transport management.

Our Clients

Contact Us to Learn More About FlexQube

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